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Here to take the photos your visitors want, but can't.

Illustration explaining TADA

Why our clients love TADA

The numbers are incredible

Unique perspectives make for spectacular photos. Your visitors can’t wait to share those images. And so... they don’t wait another second: 83% of those photographed share their photos directly with friends, family and strangers.

WhatsApp Bubbles
TADA at Het Nieuwe Instituut

Visitors sharing their experiences

Guests young and old are drawn to TADA. Everything works within WhatsApp, making it super simple for anyone to use. Visitors don't need to install an app or register to use the cameras. Don’t be surprised to see your visitors queuing up.

TADA at Lightyear

It's a magical connection and experience

The experience is designed to delight visitors and unlock the full potential of your location for the world to see. TADA connects visitors to their surroundings, allowing insiders to connect with outsiders, and linking the physical world to the digital world.